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Tile installations in offices, hospitality, business and retail settings are a superior investment that provide long life, high performance standard, increased safety, and a warm and welcoming environment for customers, guests and employees alike. Compared to other surface choices, tile is the easiest floor covering to clean and preserve, reducing the time and money required for upkeep and maintenance.


Tile is a wonderful way to transform outdoor living spaces. This application is gaining in popularity because tile gives outside spaces style and sophistication, while its long-lasting durability holds up to weather and moisture. Importantly, tile is easy to clean and maintain compared to other outdoor surface materials. Use tile to complement landscaping and to add beauty to your pool, patio, deck or outdoor dining area.


A beautiful tile floor impresses guests, is easy to clean and is difficult to damage: It is the sensible choice for high traffic areas in the home. Whether in an entryway, living room, den, hall or dining room, tile flooring easily handles the daily impact of foot traffic, dirt, wet shoes, spills, and the movement of chairs and furniture.